The municipality of North Reading is served by National Grid alone.
As of latest quarterly report (06/30/2024):
Unrepaired Gas Leaks in North Reading
AddressService areaLeak extentSurvey dateClass/grade assignedGSEP repair proposalLeak ID
BISHOPS WAY and CANTERBURY LNNORTH READING4 sqft04/19/202404/19/20247386992
24 CHESTNUT STNORTH READING300 sqft03/02/202405/05/20237381217
35 CONCORD STNORTH READING25 sqft11/17/202302/09/20237379698
10 DEER RUN DRNORTH READING100 sqft03/02/202405/01/20237381213
17 GREENE STNORTH READING50 sqft12/01/202304/16/20207360377
14 HARVEST LNNORTH READING25 sqft12/01/202302/17/20177332150
226 HAVERHILL STNORTH READING150 sqft12/01/202304/29/20207360500
266 HAVERHILL STNORTH READING450 sqft12/01/202311/13/20197357592
4 LOWELL RDNORTH READING250 sqft12/01/202305/08/20177334193
68 LOWELL RDNORTH READING100 sqft03/02/202404/24/20237380894
60 MAIN STNORTH READING4 sqft12/01/202305/20/20197352912
74 MAIN STNORTH READING4 sqft12/01/202305/16/2008310648
240 MAIN STNORTH READING50 sqft12/01/202305/21/20197352964
265 MAIN STNORTH READING25 sqft12/01/202304/07/20217367101
235 NORTH STNORTH READING25 sqft12/01/202306/03/2010334157
147 PARK STNORTH READING1 sqft12/01/202304/12/20227374076
7 SANDRA LNNORTH READING400 sqft03/08/202405/10/20237381268
SOUTHWICK RD and BARBERRY RDNORTH READING25 sqft12/01/202305/16/2011348161
21 SUNSET AVENORTH READING25 sqft12/05/202312/05/20237384903
19 TURNER DRNORTH READING450 sqft06/11/202410/21/20227377695
WESTWARD CIR and CHEYENNE DRNORTH READING100 sqft03/02/202405/03/20237381215
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Records last updated Tue, Jul 16 2024 04:11:11 PM EDT