Historical record of leak ID 7376707 (200 DERBY ST in Newton, National Grid service area NEWTON)

History of leak ID 7376707
Report dateClass/grade assignedGradeEnvironmental Impact (grade 3 only)Repair dateNotes from National Grid
Survey dateLeak extent
06/30/202408/24/2022304/30/20241,080 sqft
03/31/202408/24/2022306/23/20232,550 sqft
12/31/202308/24/2022306/23/20232,550 sqft
09/30/202308/24/2022306/23/20232,550 sqft
06/30/202308/24/2022306/23/20232,550 sqft
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Elimination plan for leak ID 7376707 according to annual Service Quality reports
Calendar yearReport dateClass/grade assignedGradeEnvironmental ImpactDesignated G3SEIIncluded in GSEPRepair context and/or timeframeRepair planned by
Barhole readingLeak extentSurvey date
202303/01/202408/24/202232,550 sqft06/23/2023G3SEIGSEP3 Years06/22/2026
202203/01/202308/24/20223No SurveyGSEPSurvey data to be obtained
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